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Why I am a Wedding Planner

Hello All!

I haven’t written in a while for a couple different reasons. One, I do still have a full-time job and have recently went through some changes with that have been taking a large chunk of time and energy. Two, I had some weddings that I was coordinating which was awesome! however did not leave much time to write out blog post and really be present on social media. And then, as wedding season has been winding down here and engagement season is about to start decided to take a couple weeks and refocus on my goals and ambitions for my career. Oh, and rest because that’s important. Now that October is here, I am going to be getting back into posting as well as being more present in my side hustle.

I thought I would start out with sharing a little more about my passion and why I love wedding planning. One of the questions I get a lot when I tell people about what I do is, “why do you want to plan weddings?”. I have a hard time answering this, partly because I don’t really think people who aren’t in the business could understand and partly because it’s kind of an indescribable feeling I get when planning a wedding. Wedding planning is rated one of top stressful job in America. There are so many little things that you are held accountable for and when disaster hits that’s when all eyes are on you for the answers. So why in the world do I want to be a wedding planner?!

To be honest part of the feeling I get when planning a wedding is dread and fear but when you become so invested in someone’s special day how can you not be a little afraid. I worry constantly that what I am doing is wrong or that it may not live up to the couple’s expectations.  Then I get to that one special moment at a wedding were everyone is happy for the moment, and you can just see how much the couple is enjoying themselves or the family has cried for the hundredth time and I think how could I not want to plan weddings. Yes, being responsible for such a big day in a couple’s life can be stressful but it can also be such a blessing. I love seeing those moments and I always will, I look forward to many stressful moments and to so many more joyful ones.

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