• Shelby Langevin

3 Big Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

In today’s world with all the technology out there, hiring a wedding planner almost seems like a waste of money. There are so many good apps and websites that are dedicated to helping you seamlessly plan your wedding. So why would you waste money bringing in a stranger to help do what you can do on your own. There are actually many different reasons to hire a wedding planner rather then just using the app on your phone or computer. However, I think that the three main reasons are all you need to hear. Experience. Relationships. Budget.

When you hire a wedding planner you are getting the experience that they have to offer. All Wedding planners have some level of experience in the industry and can really help make sure your wedding goes flawlessly. There are many things that can happen during the planning process that a computer or app really just can’t predict and this is what leads to frustration for many couples. A wedding planner will be able to find a solution to the problem quickly and can act as a buffer for your frustration. They are there to help you have the wedding day you have always wanted but also there to help mediate and shield from some of the frustrations you will encounter during planning or the day of your wedding.

The relationships that planners have with wedding vendors is irreplaceable and important in the planning process. A good planner spends a lot of time vetting vendors and building meaningful relationships with them. When planning a wedding this is important because then they can lead you to the very best. When the planner and vendor have a good relationship it also means less bumps on the wedding day because they already know how to work together. In many cases this can work in your favor as vendors are more willing to work with couples on pricing and payment options.

The third reason you should hire a wedding planner is they save you money. The truth of the matter is that when you work in this industry you know where you can find deals. Knowing were to cut corners or change around budgets so that you get your dream wedding but not at the big budget price is the wedding planners main job. In a lot of cases wedding planners will save you at least what you spent hiring them if not more. If your budget is what is stoping you from hiring a planner it is always a good idea to reach out to a planner and have that initial consultation because these are usually free and they can show you how to save in some areas to hire them. Save on that stress on during planning and on your wedding day talk to a planner.

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